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Let me begin this review by stating that this is my local so there is going to be some bias. Cogans bar and lounge is located about 7 miles from Cork city in the satelite town of Carrigaline. It is located on main street Carrigaline before the shopping centre. You certainly wouldn’t be drawn to the pub by the outside of the place. It faces the main road and even though the front has been painted in recent times it could do with some investment. There is both a bar and a lounge in Cogans with the lounge being the much bigger of the two. If the truth be known i have only ever been in the bar twice. They have a pool table on uneven ground and a little bar. I am not going to recommend anyone go into the bar, you do so at your own risk! The lounge is where we hang out. Not as much as we used to but we still make regular appearances. What’s great about the lounge is that there’s hardly anyone ever there. This may sound weird but let me explain. I do like meeting people and socialising in busy places but here we can be ourselves. We can sing, play guitar, chat with the radio softly in the backround, sleep, be offered a blanket, bring a karaoke machine in and have our own party, give out at the back door being opened too much because of the smoking ban and overall have a laugh.

The bar in the lounge is very long, the alcove has gone and has been put to other uses. The staff namely Martin and Margaret know us and are welcoming. The owner unfortunately has deteriorated greatly over the past year or so but his wife keeps us on our toes. She is certainly better than any bouncer, she inforces the law rigidly! The lounge itself is long by the bar and a bigger open space toward the back. We normally sit at the back left hand corner. There’s a function room at the back but it’s small and mainly used for meetings and the like. I’ve noticed it has got a lot brighter there recently but it is inadvisable to turn off the lights as you will be caught. The pints are smashing. Whatever stout you drink or beer or whatever it’s all good stuff and not watered down like some places. The price of the drink is pretty much the same as most pubs in the town. Your likely to meet the regular lads in there, there all nice and on Saturday nights they provide free entertainment on the in house guitar. The seats could definately do with being recovered, they are nice but a tad outdated.

The toilets are out towards the back of the pub. Mens on the right and womens on the left as you go out. There is a safety pin on the mens toilet door (something to look out for). There is one cubicle and an oul trough and the capacity is 4 people at any one time. The famous towel that inhabited the toilet for years has been repaced by a more modern hand towel dispenser. Toy soldiers that were put around the place seem to have been stolen (any info to Mr Mc Nally). The toilets are generally alright. There is a new shelter out the back for smokers and it seems to be quite popular. Make it your business to visit this pub, after all it’s our local. Thats me, Ryan, Foss and Kev!

Toilet rating: 7/10
Pint rating: 8/10
Overall rating 9/10

Final comment: If your coming in a big crowd to Cogans you might want to ring ahead and get the nod from the the boss woman as there may be ugly I.D scenes. It’s great for a quiet drink any night of the week, they do toasted specials and sell tayto cheese and onion crisps which is becoming rarer and rarer in pubs. You may even meet us in there![mappress]

10 thoughts on “Cogans Bar Carrigaline

  1. Git.. I’m never going to get mine. I don’t even want it now anyway; a Christmas drink is only so when it’s Christmas. What you got was an alzheimers flashback!

  2. its great to see another Cogans Bar In Ireland. I?m Tony Cogan of Cogans Bar in Miltown Malbay in Co Clare. I believe ther is another Cogans in Waterford

  3. Hallo! I am a friend of some Cogans from Carrigaline (I know there is so many of you :) and I spent really great time in your pub last summer during my staying in ireland. I lived in Barry’s house and made friendship with his doughter – Siobhan. I know that she has also had a great time in your pub celebrating her 21st birthday! Say hallo to aall Cogans in the area! Hugs and kisses, Joan

  4. cogans bar is just fantastic…especially the new managment and staff…they are so friendly and HOTTTTTT.. i just love them….go on eamo from Dublin

  5. will visit Cogans bar next time in Ireland grandad born in Cork(charles Cogan) Dad Mam me & 2 sisters in Newcastle on Tyne
    we all now live in Florida ( weather is better) my wife is a Dubliner so we are in Ireland at least once a year
    thanks for the write up on Gogans

    Cheers Mick Cogan

  6. I returned to this drinking hole for the first time since the place has switched to a new younger ownership, 2nd lot after Collette & Finbarr. I had only 2 G&T’s in the place and tried to order a third drink unknown to me that it was a little late. There is a bell system in place to try and get the attention of the staff. I guess due to the day that was in it (Tuesday) only Donal was behind the Bar. He did respond to the bell call and after some time arrived and with an attitude that can only be described as “Confrontational”. I asked for another order “G&T” only to be informed it was now after time, (“not called or informed about”) and that it was not going to happen. This is in the lounge with only 2 other people in total there one of whom had also requested to be served. I asked why the refusal and received the lame explanation “from Donal that he had been running the tills cashing up and it is now past the serving time”. I asked then as to why he could not have done the casg register cash check after hours and instead and look after paying customers? This is when thing’s went a bit “Pete Tong” (wrong) and Donal started being threatening and informed me that I would not be served and I was now barred and told to get out or be thrown out. I did say that he was a “fuck up and should look after paying local customers, instead of trying to throw them out” after which I did leave the premises on my own volition. There is no way that fool could beat me out the door on his own or should be working behind the bar. At the end of the day this no longer a pleasant or nice place to go to and should not be supported or visited by Carrigaline locals. The staff and current management do not have a notion of how to respect or be of service to the people who should be invited into the Bar or Lounge. It is totally set up for a group of people and cronies who support the current management who cannot manage and do not have the skills to do so. Despite all the alterations in the lounge with the addition of Dart Boards, (the only thing that is of merit) in general the only clientele I saw in the Lounge area playing pool were some local druggies. Easy to spot; because their hyper attitude, ratty diluted eyes and lack of alcohol drinks present or any other drinks apart from water. But back to the main point of this message; do not support this shit hole of a Bar there is little that be kindly said about the current Management or Staff. The toilets are the worst I have ever seen and still are. Stay away from Cogans Bar and Lounge, you will be doing yourself, family and friends a big favour. There are much better drinking places in Carrigaline and near by.

  7. I have to get to this bar and take a picture and meet some other Cogan’s! We are from London Ontario Canada.

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