The Old Oak Pub

September 18, 2004

I personally think that this pub could have the best location of any pub in Cork City. The Old Oak is one of Cork’s most popular late night venues on Oliver Plunkett Street, across the road from the G.P.O. It doesn’t appear to be big from the outside but looks can be deceiving! Normally you can expect to see bouncers on the door vetting people for identification. The main enterance is on O.P.S and there is another entrance opposite Scotts bar on Caroline street. On entering the interior decor is quite impressive and you’ll be suprised at the size of the place. There are three bars downstairs and the place is divided into sections. There is a room upstairs call Cyprus Avenue where you can sometimes see live bands. The main bar in the old oak is host to many live acts on a regular basis along with your usual inhouse dj’s. I got lost in there on my first visit a few years ago when it was extremely busy and confusing to navigate around They have an interesting clock located near the stage thats something to look out for. The pints of stout are ok in there, if it’s quiet you’ll get a better pint and the prices are about the same as most city pubs.

The toilets are normally well maintained but on a busy weekend night they can get quite messy. Of course this can be said of most pubs. They are big enough so you won’t normally have too long to wait. This pub fits into the category of superpub and it is one of Cork City’s late night bars. I would recommend a visit if you have not been there as the inside is really nice and it is very central.

Toilets rating: 6/10
Pint rating: 5/10
Overall rating: 6/10

Final comment: This pub is good for a big group night out as it has the room to accomodate everyone. The atmosphere on one night can be great if it is busy but if it’s quiet it can be dull. They do a decent lunch there most days. If you like a big pub then go and have a look.

11 thoughts on “The Old Oak Pub

  1. Could you please send me an e-mail adress from “the old oak pub”??? Thanks a lot!! Greetings from Switzerland

  2. Hi, I´m Gaetano from Cologne,Germany,and i have heard very good things about this famous pub from my uncle Marco Cosenza from Italy who works by Apple.Next year i´ll visit my uncle at Cork and i´m very happy to join by you a very good beer!

    Bye,we´ll see us


  3. Hi!

    As an AuPair I love my freetime – and the Old Oak is perfect for spending it there. Friday nights especially! The prices are okay, the staff is really nice and it’s really fun, when you’re with a group.
    I’d recommend it to anyone I know and I will really miss it when I go back to Germany!

    Greets from Dripsey!

  4. The pub as a place to go out is nice. Great music and you can have fun. However, if you want to meet somebody, I do not recomend this place. the average age for this pub is 40. It’s a great place to fart in front of everybody, as it is so packed there that nobody will notice who has farted. You need to stand up with other 8 people on 1sqm.
    As a place to work… Well if you are brave and like meddler boss, go there and you will see..

  5. I was working in Cork on the river for dredging work.
    Everyday we visiting the old oak for a beer.
    But friday and saturday are best, and the was working a nice gilr behind the bar in the back of the old oak. but well i hadd a good time there, and i hope to come back for dredging works. martijn from holland

  6. hi,

    my boyfriend and i recently had lunch at the old oak and at the back of the pub were paintings of women. the paintings were very good and i would appreciate if, at all possible, someone could forward me an e-mail with details of where to find the prints of these particular paintings on the internet as they have captured my interest. if this is not possible then i thank you for your time.

    thanking you in advance,


  7. this pub is the best looking pub in the city. has the old irish pub feel but with a modern touch. the staff on the other hand are not so good. you could go into the pub on a quiet afternoon with very few people in there and be waiting 10 minutes to get served and to be honest they can be a little unhelpful if you interrupt their chat. like I say, the pub itself is a joy to behold and if you are visiting Cork then you must visit the Old Oak. it’s a Cork institution!

  8. This pub threw two men out last weekend (August 2011) for kissing. I’ve seen plenty of men snogging women with no problems. I used to always pop in here for one on a night out, never again.


    Two male students ejected from Cork bar ‘for kissing’
    Monday, August 22, 2011 – 06:11 PM

    Two male Cork Institute of Technology students were allegedly thrown out of a bar in Cork city on Saturday night for kissing on the dancefloor.

    They say they were approached by a bouncer at the Old Oak on Oliver Plunkett Street and issued with a warning after sharing a brief kiss.

    They later kissed again on the dancefloor and claim security told them to leave at that point.

    When contacted by Cork’s RedFM this evening, one of the students said that he is seeking legal advice, while the Old Oak said there was no manager available to comment at this stage.

    Read more:

  10. Ive been going to the oak for years and years it’s been the best pub ever. Great for a nite out.

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