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For something different on a night out in the city this pub is certainly worth checking out. It is just down the hill from the famous Cork Landmark ‘Shandon cathedral’. I would hazard a guess that it is one of the smallest pubs in Cork if not the smallest. I discovered it in sad circumstances following the death of a relative of Jen’s. It is a truly fantastic place to enjoy a pint of great stout. As you walk in the door the bar is to the right and there is seating to the left and straight in front of you. This constitutes the entire bar! It is basically like sitting in your sitting room with a little bar at your disposal and some strange looking old fellas trying to figure out why you’ve taken their seat of 30 years! Pat Buckley’s is very much a locals pub and it doesn’t take a lot to pack the place. The landlady, we’ll refer to her as ‘Mrs Buckley’ was extremely friendly and even gave me a history of the pub. It’s been in their family for quite some time. I brought the lads up to visit this gem and mixed reactions were noted. Certainly no one could believe the size of the pub.

The pints of Murphy’s are a real treat. This is very much a Cork pub and they definitely appreciate the importance of good local stout. I have only been there twice but I can vouch for a good quality product. They have a big tv pirched above the bar for those wishing to indulge in the late late show and the like. The gents are as you’d expect small and somewhat historic in that they still have a towel that’s survived peoples germs since 1914! To access the ladies you have to go out the main door turn left and knock on the adjoining house. They then let you use their own toilet, great service! It’s a place you go with just two or three people to sample the hospitality and culture of the northside of the city.

Toilet rating: 7/10
Pint rating: 9/10
Overall rating: 9/10

Final comment: A super Cork pub that has just stayed as a good oul local catering for the odd passer by. From what i hear the place does a very good trade especially at the weekends. No matter what kind of pub you like this place is worth a look.

5 thoughts on “Pat Buckleys

  1. Recently i was in cork for a relaxing weekend and decided to pop into Pat Buckleys Bar for a drink before heading out to the town and discovered a lovely cosy pub!! Recently it was taken over by a Clare man named Frank Quinn. It serves an excellent pub and your to be sure and get a sing song from the proprietor and his family. definately worth while calling into!! enjoy

  2. In Cork for Springsteen concert. My mates and I from Scotland made this “oor pub” for the weekend. Fantastic! What a laugh we had with Frank and the patrons, especially Noel, the amazing Bag-stool player!! Not to be missed if you like to have a constant smile on your face! Thanks to all

  3. Great to hear Pat Buckleys Bar in Cork City is a wonderful bar, Frank and his daughter Sophia are brilliant singers especially if they do a duo. Well worth
    seeing. Its a family run pub and should not miss calling, there is always a sing song or a musician to grab a guitar or banjo from behind the bar.

    Not to be missed.

  4. I loved Pat Buckley’s. It’s been my favorite pub so far on my holiday to Ireland.

  5. Thouroughly enjoyed our night in Pat Bucklys last Tursday. Me & 5 other Badminton girls!!!…Great craic music & dancing with Frank & Helen & boys at the bar. Thanks Frank & Helen you made our night. Catherine

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