Charlie Foley’s

Charlie Foley’s is another Killarney pub that i visited when i frequented the place. It is also one of Killarney’s many bed and breakfasts. It is on the street off the main street and from the outside it looked like an attractive enough pub. When you walk in there is seating on your right and the bar is on the left. As you walk up a few steps there is more seating on the right and the bar goes all the way up on the left. As you come to the back of the bar there is a nice seating area straight ahead which is where we sat. The toilets are located just up the back as well. I did the unthinkable in Kerry and ordered a Murphy’s and to be honest it was alright. One big problem i find with being a stout drinker is that you get very particular and fussy towards the stout you like to consume and a total ban on beer when in a decent stout selling pub. Normally when outside the cross the Cork border i don’t drink Murphy’s even if available but i made an exception here. This pub reminded me very much of the old Cogans. It had the old seats, the different sections and the bar itself. I was talking to the barman about this and he said ‘That’s great, you feel at home so’!

The toilets in Foley’s are small but were very clean and respectable. They have one cubicle and the usual urinals. They have a vast amount of Kerry GAA material displayed on the walls in Foley’s which is interesting to take a look at. It was very busy for a midweek night and there was about 10 local lads playing a game of cards in the pub. I really did feel very comfortable in this pub. One funny thing i noticed was a little terrier dog sitting with that group and every time his owner got up he would follow him and not even when his owner went to the toilet the dog sat outside the door. It’s not often you see dogs being allowed into pubs so i thought that was cool. Overall this pub is a very interesting pub to visit and i enjoyed my time in there.

Toilet rating: 7/10
Pint rating: 7/10
Overall rating: 7/10

Final comment: Foley’s is certainly worth a visit when in Killarney. It appears to be a very family run place and therefore is very welcoming to its customers.

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