The Viaduct Inn

The Viaduct, Cork

It is situated just off the road and attracts a lot of passing trade. The Bandon road is the main route from Cork City to West Cork. I have been in there a few times for lunch. They serve a decent carvery lunch and on all my visits it has been very busy. The bar is just inside the door but i have always went into the bigger area at the back. It is not a place i would consider heading at night time but it is convenient to stop off at. I have had one pint of Murphy’s in there and it wasn’t too bad. They do BBQ’S during the summer that might be worth checking out. I would hazard a guess that the Viaduct does a better daytime trade than at night. There are not many residental areas in the vicinity so you would have to drive and not drink or alternatively get a taxi.

The toilets were fine on the one occasion that i made use of them. The only complaint i would have about the place is that it seemed to be disorganised on my last visit. Tables were not cleared and staff were not easily found. That was only on one occasion though. It is a nice stop off for a bite to eat.

Toilet rating: 6/10
Pint rating: 6/10
Overall rating: 6/10

Final comment: The Viaduct Inn does not have much competition in the immediate area. Their carvery lunch is a nice treat.

2 thoughts on “The Viaduct Inn

  1. I have been an infrequent visitor to the Viaduct Inn over the last five years but i have found that there has always been good food available at very reasonable prices. I would only ever be there during evening time and i find that their evening bar menu is quite varied and is different to the usual steak/fish/burgers that dominate most other bar menus(although it stilll does contain the aforementioned steak/fish/burgers.)I find the service to be reasonably quick, which is important for me as I would be working on a tight timescale and i would certainly recommend the Viaduct over the other pubs which i have experienced in the Bishopstown and surrounding areas. They also have a very large eating area outside which is perfect for eating “al fresco” on fine evenings, and unlike some places with outdoor eating areas, it is not neglected by the staff indoors. All in all, I find the Viaduct to be a very fine place to enjoy an evening meal and a drink or two.

  2. had a meal here lately from start to finish it was terrible . service was very poor main course all came to table at different times . one of the main course a sirloin steak had to be returned as it was cold t ronion ring a pool of grease wo of the main course ok. i had the seafood chowder as a main i had to return it as soon ad it came out it had a skin on top of it and had come out of microwave it was all over the lip of bowl i think the next one had just been transfer into another bowl some oof the fish was hot but most was cold did not eat it. the bar manager saw the chowder and the steak been returned but never approached us. when we when to pay he never commented or asked if everything was ok we paid 85 euro i did comment as we paid he never apologise just said to said something next time but will not be returning thete

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