The Flying Enterprise Lounge

Flying Enterprise lounge and Bar

We didn’t have to venture too far to find the next pub. The Flying Enterprise Lounge is next door to Fordes. I have wanted to go to this pub for a while after hearing Billa advertising it so well on 96fm!! It is an extremly modern pub that has quite a few striking features. It was quiet when we headed in so we had the pick of where we wanted to sit. I ordered a glass of 7up and a red wine for Jen. The bar-man gave us a whole list of wines to choose and Jen chose the one that he didn’t happen to mention! It is a bright and airy pub with a high ceiling, two fish tanks and very striking glass windows to the front of the pub. We got several greetings from strangers which was a nice touch. I know that bar food is served and also this building is host to the ‘Captains Table’ restaurant. This is a very popular restaurant that i hope to check out.

The toilets are extremely modern even if the urinals are quite high! This is the only fault i could find (if you can even call this a fault). There are two cubicles that were spotless and the taps come on automatically which is great. The lights are nice in here too. I enjoyed my visit.

Toilet rating: 9/10
Overall rating: 7.5/10

Final comment: This pub is very much like being on a cruise liner. It has a famous name i found an article from RTE radio 1 with a bit of history of the pubs name.


It was my grandfather who first introduced me to ships and, through radio news reporting, to the tough life which can be experienced at sea. It was Christmastime 1951, going into the New Year of 1952 and my earliest radio memory is hearing the story that came across the airwaves every night of the gallant battle to save a sinking ship. The FLYING ENTERPRISE, a 396-foot long cargo ship – 6,711 gross tonnage, sailed from Hamburg on December 21, 1951 – bound for New York, but after Christmas Day, the weather worsened and 500 miles west of the Fastnet Rock, she was in what were described as “hurricane conditions.” A 30-foot wave cracked the hull, put the ship on her beam ends and knocked out the engines. Ships responded to her SOS and on December 29, 40 crew and 10 passengers jumped to safety and were picked up by the SS Southland and the US ship, General A.W.Greely. There was no helicopter rescue in those days. One man died of exposure. As the FLYING ENTERPRISE heeled 60 degrees to port, Captain Heinrik Kurt Carlsen stayed aboard and the British tug, TURMOIL, which used to be stationed in Cobh, arrived to help. Its Mate, Kenneth Dancy, got aboard the FLYING ENTERPRISE to join Captain Carlsen. So began one of the most amazing true-life stories of a 15-day battle to save the sinking ship, as reported on RTE RADIO by John Ross.

4 thoughts on “The Flying Enterprise Lounge

  1. >The toilets are extremely modern even if the urinals are quite high!

    Are you sure that you aren’t just short? !

    Thanks for the blog – I will add munsterpubs to the “regional pub reviews” section of my blogroll.


  2. “The Flying Enterprise” struck us as pub with very warm people. We spoke to the owner Finbar, who explained all about the ship on its last voyage and who also gave us a booklet on the story. Nice pub!! Later that evening we had dinner in the Captain’s Table, the restaurant on the first floor. We enjoyed the food, the drinks and espoecially the service. We’re from the Netherlands, but we’ll be back!!

  3. please could you tell me the whereabouts of this bar and if it is still open today.
    my dad is very interested in the ship and the story behind it and it would be good to come along and have a meal in the establishment.
    we live in halifax west yorkshire england

  4. Even 6 years after the original review, we could completely agree with it. The food was great – you’re not hungry when leaving the table -, the bartender was very helpfull and friendly. A place to come back for… Even for a complete stranger.

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