The Wacky Apple

I was on a stag night in Waterford city at the weekend and once again stayed at Dooleys hotel. We enjoyed a few pints in the Dry Dock Bar in the hotel and after a bite to eat in a delicious Chinese restaurant behind the hotel, we walked to The Wacky Apple bar. I was drinking pints of Guinness along with a couple of Sambukas! In fairness the pints we quite good considering how busy the pub was. There was a great atmosphere and even though it was very busy there was plenty space to stand (and dance) around. It is quite narrow at the front of the pub and there is another area down at the back. I thought that the music was a tad too loud but the music being played was very good. I was sitting at the bar just across from the plasma tv on the wall showing a Spanish soccer game. There was two bouncers on the door as we went in. There was a good mixture of ages in this bar.

I frequented the toilets several times during the night and they were a bit messy but overall were usable. I found it to be a fairly decent pub and it certainly attracted a lot of people in. i would consider heading back if i am in Waterford again.

Toilet rating: 6/10
Pint rating: 7/10
Overall rating: 7/10

Final comment: The Wacky Apple is a grand pub and it is definately a place suitable for stag and hen nights.

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