The last pub we visited on our flying visit to limerick City was Flannery’s bar on Denmark Street just up from Nancy Blakes. There was loads of bouncers at the door and when we walked in we realised that it was another pub with a huge smoking area. This is at the front before you go into the bar area. It was hard to move when we were there. I managed to get to the bar and in fairness there was plenty of staff on but it took me a while to bring my drinks back to where we were standing. I had a pint of Guinness and Jen had a bottle of Coors light. The Guinness was a good pint and it was even better considering how busy the staff were serving me. It was hard to make a judgement on the pub because it was so crowded. I noticed there was an upstairs and people were standing on a balcony.

The toilets i used were downstairs in the pub. They were a good size and were well kept. Flannery’s was a grand pub to visit but i found it to be too busy for my liking. My days of squashing in somewhere with the faint hope of getting to the bar are long gone. That said however, this pub is obviously very popular and does very good business. I wouldn’t be rushing back personally but thats because its not my kind of pub. If it sounds like yours, check it out.

Toilet rating: 7/10
Pint rating: 6.5/10
Overall rating: 6/10

Final comment: Flannery’s is a type of superpub that thrives in the heart of Limerick City.

18 thoughts on “Flannery’s

  1. How boring is Flannerys? Trying to recreate the great Nancy Blakes. The just don’t got it! You only need to visit both on a Monday Tuesday or Wed, to see the difference. Flannerys! Boooring!

  2. Great spot for a night out and I particularly like the courtyard with the balcony overlooking….great for spotting the ladyeeezzz. This place adds to the whole Temple Bar feel in the area coz of the good music and the talent is v good.

  3. A Great bar. We spent the weekend in Flannerys Bar Limerick. Lots of nice ladies and great that we could smoke some cubans in the front yard. Weather in Limerick was not as good as Arizona but the Guinness made up for it.

  4. I like the bar a lot, but have a small bone to pick. Having been turned away from Nancys for not being over 23( Im 21), and seeing friends of mine turned away from Smiths for not being over 21(they’re 19 each), We got together and decided to go to Flannerys for a while. 3 of us went in while 1 non drinker in our group was parking the car. After sitting down for 5 minutes, she joined us and we started chatting. A few minutes later a bar man came up and said, as best I can rememgber ‘Lads, are ordering drinks’ to which we replied we were going to and he said ‘Right, cos the bars over there’ and he walked off. We left immediately feeling insulted at this treatment and his haste in assuming we were just gonna sit there. So that pretty much put the cherry on the top of a s**tty night, courtesy entirely of ignorant owners, ignorant bouncers, and ignorant barman.

  5. I don’t like the comments about the bouncers being thugs or ignorant. The doormen in Flannerys are some of the best known in Limerick and are far superior in their professionalism and courtesy toward customers when you consider the other doormen in the area
    I am not sure they are trying to recreate the atmosphere of Nancys either. I have nothing against Nancys, in fact I like it, however, if standing in a queue for a minimum of 30 minutes on a saturday to get in to nancys is your idea of great atmosphere then i’m seriously worried for you

  6. just been to limerick for a weekend, our 1st night was spent entirely in Flannerys. The 2nd night after a few drinks in 2 or 3 other bars we decided after having such a great time the 1st night to return. Brilliant music, fast service at bar, lovely staff and great atmosphere – def a place we’ll return to!

  7. Flanerrys is a great spot for a few drinks especially on a sunday afternoon, the doormen have a difficult enough job insuring everyones safety and maintaining the name of the venue with out bein slated by people who met them when they were wasted barely able to judge themselves let alone the bouncer!!!!!!!

  8. Great night at the Guinness 22 – Today FM. I thoroughly enjoyed all the panel especially the beers after with Neil Francis, Toland and Axel Foley and Matt Cooper. Well done to all concerned.

  9. After a 6 month stint in Limerick I can recommend this place. One of the few places in town with a decent smoking area. The bar always had a nice decent crowd which is important – no messers tolerated here. I will miss it ……

  10. A big thank yoo. I lost my iPhoned around there a few months ago. As the phone was locked and dead I could not call it. The guys here took the phone to the o2 shop when they found it and o” called me. I am very thankful for the lenghts you went to.

  11. Good bar in Denmark Street. Nice pint and served fairly sharpish. One snag though the front part was far too busy and more stools in the main bar might be an idea.

  12. I organised a staff night out here with our Company last weekend. Great place to watch a game. The pints were good and the place had a good decent crowd

  13. After a great weekend in Limerick I am putting pen to paper to say what a great night we had. After the Great Limerick Run we were sent to Flannerys. Great bar with awesome music. The atmosphere was really great. We were there until the wee hours. Note of thanks to the bouncer who gave two of us a spare umbrella as it was pouring. See you all next year or before then I hope.

  14. Fine bar in a busy area of the City. Good crowd of decent punters. I like the music here and the cleanliness is always top notch.

  15. A great bar at the front called Michael Flannerys is a traditional bar which as an open fire and prides it self on the Irish Whiskey collection (over 70) and the range of craft bbers. Oh and the Guinness was excellent.

  16. In general I would say the bouncers in Flannery’s are ok. Often been there and never had any hassle with either staff or other customers. That is, except for the asshole on the door last night. Wouldn’t let me in claiming that I caused trouble there before. He’s either extremely stupid, blind or just throwing his weight around.

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