Outrigger on the lagoon Fiji

Next stop on our honeymoon was Fiji. We stayed at the wonderful Outrigger on the Lagoon, Nadi. It is Fiji’s first 5 star resort and it was a great place to stay. We were upgraded as we were honeymooners and they brought champagne and canopes to the room every evening. There is a very relaxed night-life in this resort and it is generally quiet in all the bars of the resort bar one which has live music at night. This is the Vakavanua bar next to the Vale Ni Kana restaurant. We were in here on two nights of our holiday. Table service is provided if requested and there is a great selection of beers, spirits, wines and cocktails available to buy. There is no beer on tap available but i was drinking bottles of Fiji Gold which was a very nice beer. The bar itself is quite small but there are comfortable seats available around the bar. The band that were playing were very good and i went up and sang a few songs with them on one night! The bar staff were friendly and efficient in this bar.

The toilets that i used were in very good condition and were very big. They are the toilets used for the restaurant and bar. It was a nice bar to sit in and listen to the band and meet people on holidays from around the world. We met some very nice Australians here.

Toilet rating: 7/10
Drinks rating: 7/10
Overall rating: 7/10

Final comment: I would highly recommend anyone to visit the beautiful Fiji and to stay here. It was a brilliant place.

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