The Boardwalk (Cork City)

We recently went for a meal in this bar and restaurant located on Lapps Quay in Cork City centre. It was a good feed and after eating in the trendy restaurant area we moved across to the bar. We found some comfortable seats in this ultra chic bar. A pint of Murphys and a glass of White wine was ordered and was promptly delivered by the very pleasant bar man. It is a spacious bar and very modern. It would certainly be a great place to watch a match. I spotted a VIP area at the back of the bar.

The toilets were very well maintained and I certainly do not have any complaints about them. The meal we had was a very good value early bird deal and the drink was very relaxing. We both enjoyed our visit and to be fair there was a good crowd of people in there for a mid week night. I definately think people should head in for a meal, a drink or both.

Toilet rating: 8/10
Pint rating: 7.5/10
Overall rating: 8/10

Final comment: The service and the general welcome in this city centre bar was top class. We’l be back.

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