It’s a craft beer thing…

Beer is great. Great beer is greater. Great Irish beer is greatest. Or at least I like to think so. For all the lovers of Irish craft beer, for those who like to brew & drink their own; Hello No matter what side of the bar or brew kettle you’re on, Irish craft beer is a fantastic thing. The amount of growth in the market in the last number of years is testament to just how good it is and more importantly, why you should be drinking it instead of your usual pint of bland. Venturing into a bar that serves craft beer isn’t as scary as some people might make it out to be. Nine times out of ten if you tell them what you usually drink, they’ll suggest two or three beers that will keep you in your comfort zone but still allow you to try something new.

Home brewing was very much a thing your dad did. Or something you did in college to get really drunk, really fast for really little money. Usually, with disastrous results. I’d say ‘this is not your fathers home brewing’ but in truth it is. However that doesn’t change the fact that you can get very good results at home with even the most modest equipment and budget.

If I can be biased, I think craft brewing in Ireland more or less started with the Franciscan Well (which I’ve just noticed is very due for re-review) in Cork. They were brewing their own way back when Ireland was thinking ‘what the hell is this and why should I be drinking it instead of ‘generic beer X’? It took a few years (and maybe the recession helped) but more people started drinking at home and demanding better beer for their increasingly hard earned and often smaller pay packet. Breweries began to spring up everywhere.

But I’ve gotten off the point, or I’m just attacking it from a different angle maybe. is a showcase for all that is good about Irish craft beer, no matter if that beer is produced by a commercial brewery or by you at home in your garden shed. Write about it. Take photos of it, shoot video of it. It doesn’t matter how you document it or what your experience level is. At, we want to hear about it.

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