O’ Briens (Churchtown)

We went for a few days break away to the Charleville park hotel last week during the school Easter holidays. On our second day there we went to Liscaroll to the delightful donkey sanctuary. On the way to the sanctuary I spotted a pub called Boss Murphy’s as we were passing through Churchtown and was ver interested in visiting there for a pint. On the way back Jen brought the two older girls to the playground and I went to see the pub. Unfortunately it wasn’t open when I went to go in so I instead walked across the road to O’Briens, the only other pub I could see in the village. I went in and had the baby with me who I gave a bottle of milk while enjoying a pint of Murphys. The lady behind the bar was very pleasant and pulled my pint and had it to me very quickly. She was in conversation with two other men at the bar and all appeared friendly. The bar lady asked me if I was after moving to the area and I told her I was just passing through and having a few pints. She was very chatty and had a word for anyone that came into the bar. The pints that I had were really good and I enjoyed them a lot. The pub itself is small and is a real country pub which I love. There is lots of horse memorabilia on the walls in this pub.

The toilets were out the back and they were maintained very well. There is a smoking area out the back as well. Jen and the kids came into the pub and Jen ordered coffee which she wasn’t charged for. That was a very nice gesture. In the end I was glad that Boss Murphy’s was closed as I would not have discovered this pub otherwise and it was quite a find. This pub proves that that you can still walk into a pub in Ireland and instantly feel like a local.

Toilet rating: 7.5/10
Pint rating: 8.5/10
Overall rating: 9.5/10

Final comment: What a find this was. A really good experience and the people of Churchtown are lucky to have such a nice local

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