The Malt Bar

We had a bite to eat in this bar yesterday which is located in Lismore, Co Waterford. The malt bar is part of Lismore House hotel. It enjoys an enviable location over looking Lismore castle. We sat down at the front of the bar with the kids and I have to say that the service and value was excellent. I broke one of my own golden rules. I had a pint of Murphy’s outside of Cork which was a mistake as the pint wasn’t great. The food on the other hand was really good and we all ate well and the girls were quiet during the whole time there which says a lot. They ate all their food.

It was very busy in this bar with people eating and was full when we were leaving. I didn’t use the toilets here but Jen did and she said the ladies toilets were only ok. It’s definitely a place I would head back to for food and possibly to spend the night as well.

Food rating: 8/10
Pint rating: 6/10
Overall rating: 7/10

Final comment: A really nice looking building in a prominent location in Lismore.

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