The Malt Bar

We had a bite to eat in this bar yesterday which is located in Lismore, Co Waterford. The malt bar is part of Lismore House hotel. It enjoys an enviable location over looking Lismore castle. We sat down at the front of the bar with the kids and I have to say that the service and value was excellent. I broke one of my own golden rules. I had a pint of Murphy’s outside of Cork which was a mistake as the pint wasn’t great. The food on the other hand was really good and we all ate well and the girls were quiet during the whole time there which says a lot. They ate all their food.

It was very busy in this bar with people eating and was full when we were leaving. I didn’t use the toilets here but Jen did and she said the ladies toilets were only ok. It’s definitely a place I would head back to for food and possibly to spend the night as well.

Food rating: 8/10
Pint rating: 6/10
Overall rating: 7/10

Final comment: A really nice looking building in a prominent location in Lismore.

Eamonns Place

We visited the really beautiful town of Lismore, Co Waterford yesterday. I popped into this pub for one quick pint. There is a big menu board outside with plenty of options. When I walked in I was expecting a modern establishment but was pleasantly surprised to find a cosy little bar with just a few older men sitting around watching horse racing. I said hello to a man standing at the bar who turned out to be the bar man and I presume the owner from the conversation I had with him. I ordered a pint of Guinness for the very reasonable price of 4.30 euro. It was one of the best pints of stout that I’ve enjoyed for a long time. The man serving at the bar was chatting away about his grand children and the fact that he would like to have another staff working in the bar but the business isn’t there presently. It is one of those bars that you can just walk into and enjoy a pint by yourself and no one takes any notice.

There is a beer garden and restaurant area down the back and I saw a sign for them but didn’t go and see them. I used the toilets and they were old fashioned but clean and had one cubicle available. I noticed a public phone in the corridor on the way into the toilet. There is plenty memorabilia around the pub to peruse. A few of the customers ordered sandwiches while I was there and they looked tasty. I would like a local like this myself.

Toilet rating: 7/10
Pint rating 9/10
Overall rating: 8.5/10

Final comment: Eamonns place is a decent old fashioned public house with a damn fine pint of stout.


Dooleys is a hotel that i have stayed at twice, the most recent at a stag night.

Greeting & Check-in
On the two occasions i have been here i have found the check in staff to be both helpful and informative. There have been no delays at eithier time. The reception area is bright and spacious.

Appearence & Location
It is located on the quay in Waterford City across from the bus station. It is only a few minutes walk from the city center. There is nothing too striking about the hotel if standing outside on the street. It is a lot bigger than it appears to be. There is a nice view out over the water from the hotel.

Staff & Service
Overall it has to be said that the staff in this hotel are generally friendly and pleasant to deal with. I did find that one woman who was in charge at breakfast one morning to be loud and obnoxious to staff and other guests. The service in the bar where we spent a good lot of time watching a match was very good. The rooms at the hotel are well kept and generally clean. The first time i was there i got a better room. The bed was very comfortable and the facilities what you come to expect from decent hotels.

I had a dinner in the bar on my first visit to Dooleys. I had steak and i found it very edible and quite enjoyed it. The breakfast served is buffet style and you will not go hungry. The key is to go early and avoid any crowd that may appear. It is a very decent feed.

Internet Access
I didn’t notice anything about internet access but apparently rooms are fitted with a line for connection purposes.

On my first visit i got a very good deal. I booked my one night stay for two including breakfast and it came to 77 euro. This was a Saturday night as well. That is indeed very good value as prices in hotels go. I booked the deal at This website is well worth a look for good value hotel rooms. On the second occasion for the stag party it cost 65 euro pps including breakfast. That was directly from the hotel. Still not bad value it has to be said. When you have use of the internet it is worth looking around at different sites for the best deal possible. Dooleys is a place that i will head back to in the future.


We left The Kazbar after the one drink and headed to a nightclub called ten. As we were walking in we were told that there was a cover charge of 25 euro. We turned around and walked out again and they told us the reason for the crazy price was that it was a ‘big night’! I certainly wouldn’t pay 25 euro just to get into a nightclub, would you? We continued down the road and came to Muldoons pub. Again we met two bouncers and we headed in. We were waiting to be served for a while and eventually got our drinks. The pint of Guinness i got wasn’t great but to be fair the place was extremely busy. We walked up to the back section where there is a small dance floor and plenty people were making full use of it. This is a big place and it also has a late licence.

I used the toilets and found them in need of being cleaned. To be honest i find this a lot with very busy pubs and night clubs. It was a grand pub to head for a couple of late drinks with lively music and a big crowd. It is worth checking out.

Toilet rating: 5/10
Pint rating: 6/10
Overall rating: 7/10

Final comment: Waterford city has some very decent pubs and lots more to be explored!!

The Kazbar

Following a lot of alcohol in the Wacky Apple, myself and Ray went across the way to check out The Kazbar. The lights outside the pub were very impressive. We encountered two bouncers at the door but had no problems. It is quite a big bar and there was music playing on a sound system when we were there. I ordered a Guinness and a Bulmers Draft and we sat at the bar. There are many seating areas in this pub and the place was so busy that we were by the bar but did manage to find stools. The pint of Guinness was quite nice. I felt there was a good atmosphere in this pub on the night.

I checked out the toilets and noticed the signs on the doors. The ladies toilet had ‘Harem’ on the door and the gents toilets had ‘Sheiks’. The toilets were ok when i saw them. I like this bar and it may be worth checking out for food during the day. It is on John street in the city.

Toilet rating: 7/10
Pint rating: 7/10
Overall rating: 7/10

Final comment: The Kazbar is a good pub to head to on a night out. It appeared very lively and attracted a sizeable weekend crowd.

The Wacky Apple

I was on a stag night in Waterford city at the weekend and once again stayed at Dooleys hotel. We enjoyed a few pints in the Dry Dock Bar in the hotel and after a bite to eat in a delicious Chinese restaurant behind the hotel, we walked to The Wacky Apple bar. I was drinking pints of Guinness along with a couple of Sambukas! In fairness the pints we quite good considering how busy the pub was. There was a great atmosphere and even though it was very busy there was plenty space to stand (and dance) around. It is quite narrow at the front of the pub and there is another area down at the back. I thought that the music was a tad too loud but the music being played was very good. I was sitting at the bar just across from the plasma tv on the wall showing a Spanish soccer game. There was two bouncers on the door as we went in. There was a good mixture of ages in this bar.

I frequented the toilets several times during the night and they were a bit messy but overall were usable. I found it to be a fairly decent pub and it certainly attracted a lot of people in. i would consider heading back if i am in Waterford again.

Toilet rating: 6/10
Pint rating: 7/10
Overall rating: 7/10

Final comment: The Wacky Apple is a grand pub and it is definately a place suitable for stag and hen nights.

The Munster

The last pub that we frequented on our night in Waterford city was named The Munster. I saw this pub when we were driving into the city earlier and i knew i would have to take a look. It is situated just a short walk from Bowreys. Just as you walk in on your left you will find the port snug. The bar is furher up on the left and there is pleny of comfortable seating available. I had a pint of Guinness and i didn’t end up finishing it. It was a very good pint but the previous pint i had was not great so i didn’t tempt fate! We were sitting near the front of the bar and i noticed the wheel of a ship and there is also some interesting features on the ceiling in the pub. It is quite a big pub. Apparently there is live traditional Irish music on at the weekends but there wasn’t when we were there.

The toilets are up at the back of the pub. They were fine when i used them. It is a grand pub and i enjoyed visiting it. It fitted in very nicely with our websites name. Check out The Munster bar for yourself.

Toilet rating: 7/10
Pint rating: 7/10
Overall rating: 7/10

Final comment: The Munster appeared to be a very popular judging by the amount of people inside.

Bowreys Bar and Nightclub

We continued walking through the streets of Waterford and came upon Bowreys Bar and nightclub across from the towers hotel. We asked the bouncer whether we were going into a bar and nightclub and he just said that they serve alcohol! We went in and noticed a big dancefloor. There was seating all around this. It was certainly a nightclub that we were in. The first bar we encountered was on the left and it sold only cocktails. They have a great selection of concoctions available but at a price. Jen got a cosmopoliton which cost 7.50. The next bar we found served everything you need. I ordered a pint of Guinness which was a bad idea. The pint wasn’t great and i should have had something else. It was great that we didn’t have to pay coming in and we only stayed for the one anyway.

The toilets are located up stairs. They were very well kept and there was a guy who gave you your hand towel when you finished washing your hands. I gave him 70 cents and he asked me if i wanted a spray of his many aftershaves and deodarants on display. Normally i find this somewhat intrusive but he didn’t put any pressure on to give him money. If you are looking for a nightclub in Waterford city that is quite central then Bowreys may be the place for you.

Toilet rating: 8/10
Pint rating: 5/10
Overall rating: 6/10

Final comment: We were at about 12am and it was relatively quiet. I would say that it got a lot busier in the following hour or so.


Our next Waterford City stop off was a pub called Jordans. This is a pub that is facing the River Suir. We were passing and decided to go in. The first thing that i noticed as i walked into this pub was the wine leather seats. There is a wooden rail over the bar that is very unusual. There was a few people around the bar but it was quiet in general. The television was showing highlights of the premiership. It has an American theme and is a very different but enjoyable experience. I got a pint of Guinness as per usual and it was a very enjoyable pint. We got a few stares as we walked in but people just got back to their drinks. Jen noticed that she was the only female in the pub but she said she is getting used to that! It is a small bar but very relaxing.

The toilets reminded me of the toilets in Cogans in Carrigaline. They were small but their condition was alright. I noticed that they had a beer garden out the back but didn’t get to check it out. Jordans is a pub that i like but may not suit everybody. It has a convenient location.

Toilet rating: 6.5/10
Pint rating: 8/10
Overall rating: 7.5/10

Final comment: Jordans is a good pub with a bit of character.

The Chapter House Bar

Belfry Hotel Waterford

The next pub we visited was The Chapter House Bar. It is the bar in the Belfry hotel in the city center. It is a very modern and classy bar. It has seating on split levels around the pub. The bar staff in this pub were especially pleasant. It is one of the best designed pubs that i have been in for a long while. There are plenty of private seating areas to avail of. I had a pint of Guinness and it was a decent pint. Jen has a vodka, soda and lime. There was a cd playing and there was about 15 people in the pub. I think that hotel bar staff are generally more attentive than staff in other pubs. This bar is very comfortable and it can accomodate quite a good number of people.

The toilets are located out the door near the lobby in the hotel. They were very clean and in pristine condition. I couldn’t fault them. The Belfry hotel looked like a decent hotel. Their hotel bar is a very nice place to enjoy a drink.

Toilet rating: 9/10
Pint rating: 8/10
Overall rating: 8.5/10

Final comment: The Chapter House Bar is a very comfortable, centrally located hotel bar.