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Guidelines for writing a review (as best I currently understand it)

It’s a hard job reviewing all these pubs. Hard more so on our livers and dwindling brain cells more than our pockets. For those and many more reasons we encourage anyone that wishes to write their own reviews. We’re only too happy to have a band of loyal alcoholics helping us out. If you want to launch yourself into the world of pub reviewing, we would ask that you at least try to follow the guidelines set out below. The list is not exhaustive and will be updated as required.

  1. Write in English or something closely resembling it.
  2. Publicans suspected of reviewing their own premises will, needless to say, not succeed.
  3. Include a photo or photos of the premises if at all possible
  4. Reviewers that use foul or other explicit language in a review will have their mouths washed out with some form of highly caustic detergent.
  5. Write a fair review. It makes no sense to judge a pub based solely on the colour of the doorknob.
  6. All reviews submitted are subject to approval. They may be edited, re-written or deleted for no good reason.
  7. As you may have guessed, we write reviews on any pub, anywhere. Although we are called Munster Pubs, those outside the province are more than welcome to contribute.

If you wish to write a review, please use the contact form to request an account. For now, self registration and administration of accounts is disabled. Needless to say, we appreciate all the help we can get!

3 thoughts on “Submit a Review

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  2. Beer Gardens turners cross what a friendly place . Smashing pints at reasonable prices. Sunday evening had a great night with brilliant acoustic music ranging from folk to ballad to trad. This was just what we needed it was like back in a country pub on holidays. Even though I did,nt have food I looked at the menu and also looked very reasonable.

  3. I went with my brother to Cork for my first visit to Ireland and The Cork Arms was across the street from where we stayed. I LOVE this pub! The people who worked there and the patrons were very friendly and nice. I felt very welcomed like I had known everyone all my life. The pub is an authentic pub. No commercial flash. The real deal. The bathrooms are downstairs, but that helps you run off the pints of beer. It’s in a very old building, so it’s not going to smell like flowers! I can’t wait to go back and visit again!

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